Jeff, Philip, Rob and John hope to help us raise thousands of dollars to put towards the goals of the Foundation, adding to the tens of thousands of dollars raised by past marathon team members who have generously raised funds on behalf of Tim's Team over the past six years.

Jeff McLinden

Jeff McLinden is running his 13th Boston Marathon, and his 31st career marathon. Jeff is happy to be running for Tim's Foundation for the 5th time!


Philip Picard-Fraser

Philip will be running his first marathon this year.  He is following in the footsteps of his brother who previously ran for the Foundation. Philip lives in Cambridge and works as a medical scribe at MGH.

Rob Young

Rob Young will be running his 7th Boston Marathon, and is very excited to be on Tim's Team. He's passionate about
the Foundation's cause and knows the Boston Marathon is a unique and special event.


John Mulvaney

Unable to run this year but still supporting the cause, John Mulvaney ran his second Boston Marathon for the Foundation in 2015. He has run 4 Boston Marathons and 8 marathons in all.  

Joanne O'Connell, 2014


Annalisa Michielli

Special thanks to Annalisa Michielli, who is running a New England Half Marathon Challenge... A half marathon in each of the six New England states over the course of six months to support the Foundation!